Planning for Later Life can never start too soon. This is where Bow House Consultancy can assist you.

We help clients to understand their current situation and to prioritise their Later Life planning.

About us

Andrew Benson Dip PFS

Andrew has had over 28 years in the financial Services industry helping clients to achieve their financial goals. Andrew set up Bow House Wealth Management, an FCA regulated company, 15 years ago which runs alongside Bow House Consultancy. As well as offering help with leading powers of attorney (LPA), he also provides a service to individuals and families supporting vulnerable clients. Whether attending meetings as a supporting advocate when these clients receive financial advice or by working with families to ensure vulnerable clients are advised in line with their needs. He offers a full Trust planning service protecting family wealth from divorce, death and other difficult situations.

Marilyn Down

Marilyn has had several career moves during her working life as well as spending over 20 years within the financial services industry as an adviser, a manager and now a practice manager. She divides her time between Bow House Wealth Management and Bow House Consultancy, looking after the practice administration and caring for the clients we work with. As an ardent family member, with her own children and grandchildren, she is a compassionate listener and quick to understand the individual situations that clients bring to the practice.

Our Prices

We do not currently charge VAT. Our prices include a home visit and each Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is subject to an additional registration fee, charged by the Office of the Public Guardian of £82.00 per LPA. Payment is due upon receipt of instruction. We accept cheques, bank transfer and all major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and Wills

Single Person

One LPA £267.00 plus the Office of the Public Guardian fee of £82.00
One Will £365.00
One Will and One LPA £515.00 plus the Office of the Public Guardian fee of £82.00
Two LPA’s £380.00 plus two Office of the Public Guardian fees of £164.00
One Will and Two LPA’s £615.00 plus the two Office of the Public Guardian fees of £164.00

A Couple

One LPA each £380.00 plus two Office of the Public Guardian fees of £164.00
One LPA and One Will each £799.00 plus two Office of the Public Guardian fees of £164.00
Two LPA’s each £720.00 plus for Office of the Public Guardian fees of £328.00
A Will each £540.00
Two Wills and 4 LPA’s £1,020.00 plus four Office of the Public Guardian fees of £328.00

Additionally we are able to offer other services including Trusts and Probate services. Please ask for more information

Private Healthcare

We have managed to save our clients considerable sums of money on their private healthcare costs.

If you are considering private healthcare, or your existing private healthcare is within 3 months of renewal, please ask us for a free, no obligation quotation. Even if you have pre-existing conditions, a new quote can offer big saving on your existing annual renewal but with the same cover. In many cases. All you need to do is call us or e-mail us and we will get a member of our professional team to call you

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